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How does AURORA red light therapy work?

  • Improve your energy-levels and sleep-patterns by providing your cells with the nutrients they need to perform at their best.
    Super-charge your body
    Improve your energy-levels and sleep-patterns by providing the cells in your body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Rejuvenate muscles, joints and ligaments by reducing inflammation and trigger your body's natural healing responses.
    Restore your mobility
    Rejuvenate your body's muscles and joints by turning on your natural healing responses to reduce inflammation.
  • Simultaneously stimulate your cellular function and improve your ability to reduce stress by supporting your neural networks.
    Master your mood
    Simultaneously stimulate your cellular function and improve your ability to reduce stress by supporting your neural networks.

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    RRP €219
    Sale Price €209
    The AURORA Go is compact, practical and handy. Easy to take with you.
  • AURORA Mini

    RRP €599
    The AURORA Mini is compact, practical, handy and can be stored almost anywhere.
  • AURORA Plus

    RRP €1299
    A big panel for big impact. The AURORA Plus is perfect for treatments of large areas.
  • AURORA Plus with Floor Stand

    RRP €1349
    The AURORA Plus bundled up with a floor stand.
  • AURORA Plus Floor Stand

    RRP €99
    Sale Price €79
    The AURORA Plus can be placed anywhere using the practical floor stand.
  • 360° Stand

    RRP €499
    Sale Price €399
    Whether used sideways, horizontally or vertically, our 360° stand is a real all-rounder. The stand is very popular with alternative practitioners who use it horizontally above their treatment tables. Athletes, on the other hand, position themselves in front of our stand because they love the vertical function for enhancing recovery.
  • This AURORA red light therapy matches my expectations. The device is stable, functional, very user-friendly, and easy to understand regarding how to be used. I am particularly enthusiastic about the super friendly and personal service at the customer support.
    Yvonne S.
  • I've searched for different natural light therapy options for a very long time, to avoid always being very tired during everyday life. AURORA red light therapy was just perfect for me, and due to the accessories, I didn't have to think twice about buying a unit. I've been using red light therapy for several weeks now and I can't live without my sessions anymore. I've got much more energy to perform my daily jobs and work.
    Patrick M.
  • The order was simple and processed quickly. Great product, great design, and great technology. You don't have to fully understand the principles behind red light therapy in order to use it and reap great benefits. I'd be very happy if more people used this therapy for their health. I can recommend AURORA with 100% confidence and I immediately ordered my second device :)
    Frida H.

Why do people trust AURORA red light therapy?

All of the AURORA products meet European quality and safety standards and provide impeccable product service and customer care.

Supported by our parent company Clearlight® Saunas Europe, AURORA uses technologies with ample scientific backing leading to proven, positive, and health-promoting effects.
  • Safe Delivery

    All AURORA products are shipped directly to your door.
  • 2 Years of Warranty

    All consumer-grade products include two years of warranty
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

    If you’re not completely happy, you can return your AURORA risk-free within 30 days
  • Close to Zero EMF Emissions

    AURORA products emit minimal EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) by design.

Why use AURORA red light therapy?

The AURORA products are designed to provide multiple wellness benefits that have been proven from peer-reviewed medical and scientific papers around the world. Harnessing the power of red light therapy technology (red and near-infrared wavelengths) into a sleek design and making it an affordable, at-home wellness device suitable for families of all sizes.
AURORA is supported by the parent company Clearlight® Saunas Europe allowing for European quality and safety standards to be met. An experienced and well-trusted team of professionals that are available to answer any of your questions.