Family-Safe Red Light Therapy For Your Home

Safe Delivery

We make sure your AURORA Red Light arrives safe and sound directly to your door.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

We take the risk out of purchasing an AURORA Red Light with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with your AURORA, return it within the time period and we will refund you.

AURORA Red Light Products


    RRP €219
    Sale Price €209
    The AURORA Go is compact, practical and handy. Easy to take with you.
  • AURORA Mini

    RRP €599
    The AURORA Mini is compact, practical, handy and can be stored almost anywhere.
  • AURORA Plus

    RRP €1299
    A big panel for big impact. The AURORA Plus is perfect for treatments of large areas.
  • AURORA Plus with Floor Stand

    RRP €1349
    The AURORA Plus bundled up with a floor stand.
  • AURORA Plus Floor Stand

    RRP €99
    Sale Price €79
    The AURORA Plus can be placed anywhere using the practical floor stand.
  • 360° Stand

    RRP €499
    Sale Price €399
    Whether used sideways, horizontally or vertically, our 360° stand is a real all-rounder. The stand is very popular with alternative practitioners who use it horizontally above their treatment tables. Athletes, on the other hand, position themselves in front of our stand because they love the vertical function for enhancing recovery.

Here's what you can expect when you purchase an AURORA Red Light

With AURORA, you get premium red-light therapy products perfect for any home. Once you have tried an AURORA Red Light, you won't want to use any other device for your wellness.
If our 30-day money-back guarantee doesn't provide you with enough confidence in our quality, simply reach out to our team. You can contact us directly with any questions you may have about the products. Please be known that our team is Clearlight Saunas Europe.

Why does AURORA produce results?

All red light therapy devices from AURORA contain both red light and near-infrared LEDs. Both types of LEDs can be turned on either individually or at the same time, depending on how it suits you best.

In addition, our products for red-light therapy at home have virtually no detectable electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels.

Also, we include a 2 year warranty on our products to ensure you get the long lasting benefits of red light therapy.

In the unlikely case that something should go wrong with your device, the issue will be fixed at our cost within the warranty period.

Is Red Light Therapy safe?

Red light therapy is well explored scientifically and has been used medically for some time now. The therapy dosage and guidelines are recommended to ensure complete safety.

You don’t have to worry about wearing a mask to protect your face from the red light beams. In general, closing your eyes during therapy ensures perfect safety. In case that you don’t want to expose your eyes to red and infrared light anyway, moreover, goggles are included with every device order.

If you have an eye pathology, for instance, you might not want to expose your eyes to brightness because your physician recommended that.

Why are people choosing AURORA?

The beauty industry has been using light therapy for a long time to sustainably improve the skin and achieve an anti-aging effect for valid reasons. Red light increases your oxygen levels and blood circulation, which can aid broken skin tissue recovery.

Also, red light therapy may increase the production of collagen - which provides more stability in bone and skin - and have a positive impact on skin diseases such as acne or cellulite.

Note: Of course, this statement does not replace medical advice. If you have health problems with your skin (e.g., acne or cellulite) consult a doctor.